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“Unikat” collection, or produced in one copy only!

During many years of our manufacturing operations, our offer of bags was not based on the same leather and colours. It was difficult for a small leather-workshop with a small budget to cooperate with large tanneries which were focused on large customers and did not pursue small orders. An alternative to large and expensive contracts in tanneries was shopping in leather wholesale companies which had become specialised in importing leather mainly from Italy. This wholesome, often beautiful and unique leather is imported in very small quantities, which allows to sew up to several things of the same colour. What initially seemed a problem to us, quickly became an asset of our production, as each of our bags was unique and unrepeatable. Today, we can proudly say that we cooperate with many tanneries and, therefore, we can have repeatable bags in our offer. However, we have not given up creating unique lines or single products, and we continue to create them!

“Unikat” collection

“Unikat” collection is unique bags, among which you will not find two identical models. We try to emphasise their uniqueness through unusual lapels, buckles, stitches, connections, colour combinations, which do not repeat twice. Each bag from the “Unikat” collection is given a special individual number which highlights the fact that the bag was manufactured in only one copy!

“Unikat” collection is not just bags of leather sewn in the traditional colours of brown and black. You will find there some fantastic colours of red, blue, green and many other ones rarely seen on the market. Follow our offer in our online shop and see how interesting a traditional bag in beautiful red of yellow leather can look. We guarantee that combination of our traditional style with original colours will effectively distinguish you from the crowd! 

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