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About us
Dear Customers,

DUDO WORKSHOP is a small family business specialising in manual production of original leather bags and accessories. For many years in the leather-working industry, we have created a unique style of creating simple, solid and functional bags, that definitely sets us apart from the competition.
Each of our bags is hand-made from the beginning to the end, which provides them with high quality manifested in the attention to detail. It is also a unique character, so difficult to achieve in mass production. Long and clear stitch, strong thread and bare edges is a style with high austerity which characterises our bags.

Our history dates back to the early nineties. That is when the dynamic changes in our country resulted in realising the desire to create something new, something on your own, which could become a way of life in the new reality. It concerned many people, including us. Love for crafts and sewing, for simple and solid things, directed us towards leathercraft and then, leather-working. In 1990, we created the first model of our bag. It is in our collection to this day, still being very popular. This proves the timelessness of bags created by us, which, in spite of the changing dynamic fashion, continue to find customers both in the country and abroad.

In our opinion, apart from monetary gain, each manufacturing operation should also be connected with a mission. We want to ensure that our mission is to create beautiful bags with passion and heart, bags which would please the eye for many years, unlike the present philosophy of producing in large quantities, cheaply, at a one-off basis. We are also pleased that, thanks to you, we can continue the tradition of strong Polish crafts and promote it worldwide.

CieĊ›lik & Dudziak